Wing Station Ball Screws for a Strategic Military Aircraft

Emcor Incorporated has produced multiple sets of wing station ball screws for strategic military aircraft. These ball screws are used in actuator assemblies, which extend and retract leading edge slats and trailing edge flaps. The assemblies have critical tolerances and stringent manufacturing requirements which are tracked, and documented, during manufacturing under Emcor’s AS9100 system. The challenges of consistently producing such complicated ball screws include thin wall grinding and precision machining of return buttons to achieve maximum running efficiency. This efficiency is verified using an Emcor designed, and built, efficiency test stand specifically engineered to produce axial loads at target RPM. This test stand can be configured for other aerospace ball screw requiring efficiency measurement, within the original design capabilities of the test stand.

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Wing Station Ball Screws for a Strategic Military Aircraft Highlights

Product Description
Ball screw assemblies in multiple different sizes and configurations for wing station actuator assemblies.
Each ball screw must be manufactured in multiple stages with additional operations to produce a final product which meets print specifications due to the thin wall configuration. Final product has additional plating processes to military standards prior to assembly.
Ball thread form grind tolerance of +/-.0001”
Return path tolerance +/-.0005”
Concentricity .0002”
Alloy steel for ball screws
Alloy steel for ball nuts and return buttons
Alloy steel for wiper scrapers
Materials heat treated to meet design and customer performance targets including precisely controlled induction hardening process monitored by customer.
Lash testing is performed on load controlled test stand and efficiency is measure using an efficiency test stand when requested by the customer.
Thread Grinding
Multiple stages of thread grinding are completed to ensure concentricity, thread form, straightness, and material integrity is maintained.
Engineering Assistance
Ball screw load and life calculations
Return system path design and button design
Efficiency testing

Additional Information

Any length as required for specific location of wing actuator assembly
.628” to 2.125” and above
.180” and below to .230” and above

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