UAV Ball Screws for Critical Flight Systems

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UAV Ball Screw
UAV Ball Screw

Emcor Incorporated has delivered multiple orders of ball screws utilized on unmanned aerial vehicles, or UAVs, to primary suppliers of these important aircraft. These ball screws are processed in larger batch quantities made possible by the flexibility of Emcor manufacturing systems and processes, thus achieving the critical price point desired by the customer. Delivery schedules are very critical for the customer so parts are processed in multiple channels to ensure the dock dates are achieved.

UAV ball screws manufactured by Emcor Inc. are an essential part of many critical flight systems.

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UAV Ball Screws for Critical Flight Systems Highlights

Product Description
Ball screw for critical flight systems.
Each ball screw was manufactured from stainless alloys and required rapid precision grinding and tight tolerance on the return system to meet running characteristics required by the customer.
Ball thread grind tolerance of +/-.0001
Stainless steel for ball screw, nut, and return system.
Materials heat treated to meet design and customer performance targets.
Axial lash measured under controlled loads to ensure specifications are met using dedicated test stand.
Batch assembly is completed quickly and accurately using staging of parts and matching of components to reduce the time required for ball loading.
Engineering Assistance
Ball screw load and life calculations
Return system design

Additional Information

Diameter and length
10mm O.D. x O.A.L.

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