Rebuilt Jack Screw Assembly for Steel Manufacturing

The jack screw highlighted here is used in critical applications for paper manufacturing roll handling systems. Jack screws are rated in tons, and Emcor has repaired many different sizes including 300 ton units for steel production operations which no longer had original manufacturer support. Jack screws involve many different precision components including high load bearings, heavy duty worm gear systems and large ball screws using large balls to maintain load and life capacity. Emcor Incorporated has the capability to repair or replace all components including special grind situation for non-standard ball screws and acme screws including multiple start designs.

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Rebuilt Jack Screw Assembly for Steel Manufacturing Highlights

Product Description
Jack screw assemblies from 10 ton to 300 ton units for repair or replacement
Each jack screw assembly is totally disassembled and every component inspected to determine if repair or replacement is required.
Ball thread form grind tolerance of +/-.0001 and gear tolerance of +/-.0001 in gear grinding situations.
4150 steel for ball screws
8620 steel for ball nuts
Materials heat treated to meet design and customer performance targets.
Bearings are selected to match OEM specifications and gears are manufactured to match original tooth geometry.
Units are traversed under power post assembly to ensure proper running characteristics and can be tested under loads if required for additional costs.
Thread Grinding
Ball screws are thread ground when required and rolled thread is utilized in applications where the original design used a rolled thread unit to meet requirements while maintaining low production costs.
Engineering Assistance
Ball screw load and life calculations for jack screw applications
Return system design
Bearing selection
Gear replacement

Additional Information

Heavy production and steel manufacturing
Any length as required for original design
1” to 11.00” screw diameters and above

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