Ball Screw Assemblies for a Fire Suppression Test Chamber

This 5 piece ball screw set represents some of the longest ball screws made, measuring in at 64’ in length. Handling Specialty contracted Emcor Incorporated to manufacture the ball screw assemblies which were utilized in a unique fire suppression test chamber featuring an adjustable ceiling. The chamber features a large platform which is configured with equipment to provide fire suppression simulation. The information gathered during a burn session allows the evaluation of fire systems and recommendation of system improvements if required. The ceiling depends on 4 ball screw assemblies to support the loads and provide precise vertical travel and location of the structure. The project was completed in 2008 and the chamber is functioning as designed to this date.

The support system allows rotational and linear travel of the ball screw to be matched with the machine movements, reducing ball thread grinding variation.

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Ball Screw Assemblies for a Fire Suppression Test Chamber Highlights

Product Description
Oversized ball screw assembly, 4.0 inch in diameter by 64 feet in length.
Each ball screw was manufactured from 3 individual pieces and joined using a customer approved process which features live force feedback to confirm actual torqueing requirements were achieved.
Ball thread form grind tolerance of +/-.0001
4150 steel for ball screws
8620 steel for ball nuts
Materials heat treated to meet design and customer performance targets.
Tensile strength testing performed by independent lab and final results exceeded design parameters
Thread Grinding
Extended length Excello 120” thread grinders used with custom support system allowing linear and rotational freedom of movement to increase grind tolerance.
Grinding placed on stand-by during joining process with screw advanced after joining
Grinding oil and production shop climate controlled to reduce grinding variation
Engineering Assistance
Ball screw load and life calculations
Joint load calculations
Joining system fixture design
Return system design

Additional Information

Test and measurement
Any length as required including greater than 64 feet
Delivery Location
Rhode Island

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